About Me

I was born as an awakened soul.

My intuition is my greatest gift.

I am well trained in multiple modalities of therapeutic body work and energy medicine.

I have been a Holistic Health Practitioner for over 25 years. I have helped thousands of my clients achieve Body, mind and spirit balance as well as giving them life long tools to incorporate into their lives.

As a Mother of two beautiful human beings, my natural nurturing energy comes through in each customized session.

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Services Offered

Gratuity of choice is separate from the amount of all services.

Surrender Massage

A gentle Swedish session integrated with reflexology.

That helps to relax and restore your being.

Deep Tissue Massage

Gives attention to certain painful, stiff spots in your body with focused pressure on the deeper muscle tissue.

Sports Massage

Geared specifically toward helping people who have a physically demanding lifestyle such as athletes. Assists in a faster recovery of muscle exertion post workouts. Also helps to improve performance for future workouts.

Therapeutic Massage

This massage is an integrated session of multiple techniques to bring balance, relaxation and rejuvenation.


Tailored designed to a growing Mama’s needs. This treatment offers pure support for Mama and Baby,
both Pre and Post Natal.

Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu is an eastern approach to opening up the channel ways/QI/Energy pathways that are in association with your organ systems.

Crainio-sacral therapy

Craniosacral work shifts the structural alignment of each individual.
It is subtle, yet powerful.

Lymphatic Drainage

A gentle massage directed towards those looking to increase their healing from any type of surgery /clearing water retention and increase immune system.


Specific release for the jaw, joint area.

Tune Up

Energy medicine is very powerful in shifting and assisting the harmony of your body, mind and Spirit.

Chakra Alignment

An incorporation of Chakra Alignment and lightbody activation to shift your energy into its higher/charged up self.

Dry Brushing/Microcirculation

Dry brushing assists in releasing toxins, increasing circulation, and reducing cellulite using a microcirculation technique. This treatment includes a gentle body and facial massage.

Add Ons

Facial Massage 15 min $25 30 min $50
Reflexology 15 min $25 30 min $50
TMJ 15 min $25 30 min $50
Aromatherapy $15
Dry Brushing $45
CBD $45

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Call Us at : 718-812-0012

Hours of Operation

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